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What is this website? is a global marketplace for executive-level short open enrollment courses. We see our goal in helping managers and entrepreneurs to select the best learning options to advance their professional development.

How do I book a course here?

Same as with most online booking services. After you choose a course that fits you, you fill out the registration form on, pay for it, get a confirmation, and that’s it. One-stop-shop for executive education needs. With some schools and some courses, extra steps may be required such as completing a survey or even submitting recommendation letters. Our team of experts would be happy to guide you through this process and assist you with every step. We also liaise with education providers to ensure our customers get the best learning experience and sometimes we are able to get them in even if all the seats are filled.

How can you help me find the right course?

It’s very simple. You just let us know what you would like to learn, and we offer you recommendations based on what we know about the lifelong learning universe. We have tens of thousands of courses that we analyzed and we have discussed thousands of executive level courses with prior course takers. Some of the world’s most prominent business schools have used our service to map the competitive landscape and design their own courses. We are always happy to connect with you for phone consultation so we get customize our learning suggestions based on your current career stage and future aspirations.

How do you select courses for the platform?

Our goal is to put together various courses from top providers that could help current and prospective leaders in advancing their professional knowledge and skills. Those include all offerings by major executive education providers as well as various other relevant learning opportunities. We constantly expand our inventory to make sure it matches learning needs of our clients worldwide.

How much do executive level courses typically cost?

Executive education is usually rather expensive, and some non-degree courses can exceed USD 80K, but there are also other shorter or online versions of courses that are within several hundred USD. There is always an opportunity to find something within your budget.

What if I need to cancel the course?

Things do happen and people need to cancel and reschedule their course participation all the time. At we try our best to help customers adjust their learning journeys. However, we do have to follow education providers’ terms. When you book a course at that means you agree with the terms and conditions of the education provider offering it. We will try our best to negotiate a solution (100% success so far), but it’s the same as returning non-refundable airline tickets: miracles do happen, but don’t trust anyone who promises them.

What is the best way to choose courses?

Lifelong learning is a process. Depending on your career stage, professional development goals as well as travel and finance opportunities, multiple options can be a good fit. Selecting the right course requires taking several steps:

  • identifying your development goals,
  • identifying learning options that could help address them,
  • selecting a course that best fits your learning needs at your specific career stage.

Here’s an article about the most typical mistakes people make when choosing and education program to advance their careers.

What is your company’s interest in helping me select a program?

We are a marketplace startup — we make a small commission on some courses that are bought through our platform (we sell them for the same price as the providers). However, our primary goal is to ensure that executives select the best program for their learning needs (not based on the school's brand or advertising spend). This is why sometimes we make no money when we sell a course offered by a provider which whom we have no prior relationship with. We do this because we believe that having a central, unbiased clearinghouse would benefit the executive education industry and individual executives like yourself. And we want to become such a clearinghouse, as more and more executives enroll in the right courses with our help.

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