What we offer Executive Coaches and Leadership Development Consultants

Complement your work with outside resources

When you help your client identify a learning need, we can help you find the right courses or mentors to help them develop that competency or skill. We can talk to your client or you can serve as an intermediary — the choice is yours. With hundreds of providers and thousands of courses offered globally, as well as tens of thousands of faculty profiles, you can be sure to find the right programs for your clients. And if you don't find something, let us know we are always happy to conduct research for you at no additional cost.

Find Faculty for your Custom Programs

We operate a database of tens of thousands of educators from all over the world, all tagged based on their industry and regional expertise, experience with specific audience levels, subject matter expertise etc. We can support you in your custom program bidding by providing you lists of relevant faculty and, when you win the engagement, booking faculty for you.

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