What we offer university-based and non-university-based providers

Paying Customers from new markets instead of questionable leads

Fill you unsold seats with customers from new markets, as well as C-level participants. Many of our clients are high-growth organizations which do not have a large learning and development function. They select us as their one-stop shop for all their executive learning needs and for many of them we help choose their first executive development programs. We often work directly with CEOs and founders, who value our unbiased advice on executive education.

Custom Program Referrals

We often get requests from our clients to recommend a provider for custom program development. When you partner with us, we will include you in the list of preferred providers.

Analytics and market research

We work with executive education providers and their faculty on competitive benchmarking projects helping them inform their programming decisions: launching new programs, selecting content focus, price adjustments, partnerships etc. These engagements are offered at a deeply discounted rate to our partner institutions.

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